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S 1000 R

Motorcycle accessories for the S 1000 R


HP footrest system

The CNC-milled HP footrest system does not just look aesthetically pleasing, but is highly functional, too. Numerous adjustment options meet a rider's every wish when it comes to ergonomics and sporting character.

• CNC-milled HP footrest system
• High-strength aluminium alloy, light and extremely dimensionally stable, three-colour anodised
• Numerous possibilities for adjusting footrests, brake lever, shift lever and shift travel
• Optimum custom ergonomics translate into enormous increase in both comfort and safety
• Including Carbon heel guard
• Detailed instructions for ergonomics settings
• Optional: HP passenger footrest

HP Carbon wind deflector

The High Performance parts exude an air of high performance: carbon parts – the ultimate lightweight material – combining good looks with technical know-how.

• The classy carbon wind deflector underlines the sporty appearance
• High-quality alternative to the fitted as standard, black wind deflector
• Shape identical to the standard part

HP titanium exhaust system

• Complete high-performance system by Akrapovič (manifold, interim pipe and rear silencer)
• Made entirely of titanium (mantle, connecting pipe and interior structure)
• Carbon cap
• Significant weight reduction as compared to standard part (approx. 5.7 kg).
• Increased torque especially in the medium engine speed range, output at level of standard equipment
• Specially adapted data status for engine control unit: Enabling via code in diagnosis system (only by BMW Motorrad partner), geared towards performance enhancement allowing for exhaust gas purification by means of catalytic converter and control of exhaust flaps to reduce noise, impact on engine control (incl. injection quantity, ignition timing) and support from DTC system, engine control: full engine power is available in all modes. Dynamic Traction Control (DTC): DTC settings as for standard but the regulation response is different (see installation instructions for details), ABS settings are the same as the standard regulation response settings. Note: This data status may only be used in conjunction with the HP titanium exhaust system
• Optimum, very finely tuned throttle response in all modes
• Visual enhancement
• Installation and enabling only by BMW Motorrad partner, installation instruction on the RSD (Repair and Service Data BMW Motorrad) DVD
• Optional: HP Carbon holder (for passenger footrest system)

HP Carbon hub cap, front

• Replaces the standard plastic hub cap

HP Carbon hub cap, rear

• Replaces the standard plastic hub cap
• Including installation instructions

HP Carbon fuel tank trim

• Replaces the standard plastic fuel tank trim

HP Carbon airbox cover

• Replaces the standard airbox cover

HP Carbon chain guard

• Replaces the standard plastic chain guard
• Including installation instructions

HP shift assistant.

• Allows upshifts without using the clutch
• Available as an optional extra, retrofit technically possible

HP clutch/brake lever (folding)

• CNC-milled aluminium lever
• Reversible upward folding function, reduces risk of bending or breaking when falling
• Ergonomically rounded lever contours
• Distance between lever and handlebar grip can be adjusted to various levels:
• new ergonomic setting mechanism with small lever (instead of wheel)
• Installation by BMW Motorrad partner only

HP clutch and brake lever protectors

These lever guards are essential on the racetrack and make a serious statement on public roads.


Softbag for passenger seat

Compact, waterproof, fitting perfectly and stable – the passenger seat-mounted bag is all this. With a storage capacity of 2.5 l, expandable to 5.5 l, just the right size for a day trip.

• Waterproof main compartment, approximately 2.5 l, expandable to approximately 5.5 litres, inner bag with roll top
• Hard-wearing shell material made of polyester/polyurethane
• Zip fastener around three sides provides good accessibility
• Bottom is moulded EVA, shaped for a snug fit on the rear seat, and with an anti-slip coating
• Secure and fast three-point attachment
• Practical carry handle
• BMW Motorrad logotype on lid
• Dimensions (LxWxH): approx. 31x26x10 cm
• Colour: black


The textile saddlebags offer 10 l of storage space on each side, expandable to 16 l. Thanks to its quick-lock holder, the motorcycle can be quickly equipped for touring and restored.

• Textile saddlebags with quick-lock holder
• Hard-wearing shell material made of polyester
• Large main compartment, approximately 10 l per side, expandable to approximately 16 l
• Zip fastener around three sides provides good accessibility
• Shape of bag adapted to the rear geometry of the vehicle
• With 2 waterproof, removable liners
• Saddlebags connected together under the passenger seat by Velcro for protection against theft
• Bracket stops the bags flapping or contacting the tyres; quick to fit to and remove from the fixed bracket thanks to their quick-lock design
• Reflecting seams for good visibility
• Practical carry handle
• S 1000 logotype on side, “R” on rear
• Dimensions (LxWxH): approximately 41x18x27 cm (or expanded 41x23x27 cm)
• Colour: black

Tank rucksack

• Highly functional tank rucksack
• Resilient upper material in polyester/polyurethane
• Precise-fitting base panel made of EVA with non-slip PU covering
• Waterproof main compartment with a volume of approx. 13 litres: inner bag made of nylon with PU coating, waterproof due to roll-up closure with socket fastener and taped seams
• Waterproof map compartment (welded seams) Large-access opening via double-sided zip (in main compartment), non-slip PU coating on the inside
• Small water-repellent zip pocket on the outside
• Carry handle and removable, length-adjustable shoulder strap
• BMW Motorrad inscription on the outside pocket
• Colour: black

Rear bag

• Functional rear bag
• Resilient upper material in polyester/polyurethane
• Base panel made of EVA with non-slip covering made to precisely fit passenger seat
• Waterproof main compartment with a volume of approx. 25 l, can be extended to approx. 32 l: inner bag made of nylon with PU coating, waterproof due to roll-up closure with socket fastener and taped seams, two zips allow volume adjustment on both sides
• 2 splashproof side outer pockets with rubberised zips
• Carrier handle on lid and removable, length-adjustable shoulder strap
• Reflective areas at rear for increased visibility
• BMW Motorrad inscription on carry handle
• Colour: black


Engine spoiler

• Dual-section plastic engine spoiler in body colour
• Visual enhancement and individualisation
• Installation by BMW Motorrad partner only
• A heat guard is also required for the engine spoiler if installed together with the titanium exhaust system.
• Also available as an optional extra

LED turn indicators

• Elegant bar indicators with LED technology
• Increased safety on the road due to virtually wear-free LED
• Installation by BMW Motorrad partner only
• Note: not approved for the US market
• Also available as an optional extra


Comfort seat

• Much improved seating comfort for rider due to more comfortable upholstery
• Visual enhancement with three-colour design in black/red/white
• Echoes the colour accentuation of the red central spring strut

Axle protectors

• Crash pads for front and rear axle made of highly abrasion-resistant plastic
• Protect fork and swing arm from scratches in the event of falls and drops
• Branding with BMW logo or BMW Motorrad inscription (visual not finalised in this respect)
• Package includes: 2 pads (order 2 per vehicle)

Engine protectors left / right

• Aluminium protectors with exchangeable plastic abrasion pads
• Improved protection from abrasion for engine components so as to prevent engine damage (loss of oil)
• Installation by BMW Motorrad partner only

Sport lift stand

• Allows quick and secure jacking
• Very light aluminium construction (approx. 3.3 kg at front, approx. 3.5 kg at rear)
• Smooth-running rollers, double ball-bearing joints, fully encapsulated, maintenance-free with long-term lubrication
• Including installation and operation instructions


Navigator V

• Expanded delivery specification for the Navigator V
• Including SD card (8 GB), inserted in the device's SD card slot
Map data for all of Europe pre-installed on the internal memory and the SD card