Alpine white
Platin bronze metallic
Carbon black metallic

R 1200 RT

BMW Motorrad Spezial

No tinkering, no surprises, no compromises. With BMW Motorrad Spezial, you get a bike with your personal touches and the highest quality standards. At BMW Motorrad Spezial, you will find especially high-quality, formative special equipment like the exclusive brown Option 719 seat and specialised paint jobs. You can order this now as an ex works option. Furthermore, BMW Motorrad Spezial also offers you high-quality optional accessories like performance-enhancing HP Parts, with which you can subsequently upgrade and personalise your motorcycle.

Right from the outset, a harmonious integration into the overall appearance of the vehicle is in focus, meaning all parts are perfectly integrated into the vehicle concept of the R 1200 RT, giving the motorcycle a consistent and exclusive appearance.
The interplay between long-standing development skills from BMW Motorrad and the interaction of complex production processes connected with tradition-steeped craftsmanship facilitate a new level of significance and exclusivity. In our configurator, you can make your bike even more your own at the highest level with special equipment, special scopes and optional accessories, and have it assembled by precisely those who know your BMW motorcycle the best. By us.


The new Spezial colours allow you to give your bike a special glow. Ultra-modern paint technology paired with affectionate details make your machine the highlight on the road. Thanks to the tradition-steeped hand ruling every bike becomes a unique one. And best of all – the Spezial colours perfectly match all BMW Motorrad Spezial special equipment.


Option 719 gives you a part of BMW history. This number has always been used in our Berlin works for custom-made products. Now you can make your bike a highlight on the asphalt with Spezial colours or a brown seat.


High-performance – a statement for all those searching for the absolute maximum. High-quality parts made of carbon and titanium make every motorcycle into a unique one. First-class components give your machine individuality and extravagance.

HP sports silencer

• Slip-on silencer for a sonorous sound and a sporty look
• Material made completely of titanium (jacket, crossover pipe and interior)
• Significant weight reduction compared to the standard version (approx. 1.1 kg)
• Carbon end cap and heat protector
• Series-level power and torque
• With vehicle type approval (EU-ABE, national approval conditions must be observed)