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F 800 GT

Motorcycle accessories for F 800 GT

Touring cases

• Black hardshell plastic cases, spray-proof.
• Capacity: Approx. 55 l (right approx. 28 l, left approx. 27 l).
• Right case can accommodate 1 helmet.
• Extension on bottom of case makes packing and unpacking all the easier.
• Maximum payload per case: 10 kg.
• Recommended top speed with case(s) installed: 180 km/h.
• Supplied without case carrier and without lock barrels.
• Optional: Waterproof liner for touring case.

Liner for touring case

• Functional, dimensionally stable liners.
• Base made of EVA mouldings Lycra coating, top made of hear-wearing polyester fabric.
• Waterproof with welded liner with sportsbag-type closure (main compartment).
• Fit and design tailor-matched to the touring cases.
• Shaped back to make full use of available capacity.
• Mesh separator in the flap.
• Carry handle and removable shoulder strap.
• BMW Motorrad logotype on lid.
• Colour: Black.

Topcase, small

• Black plastic topcase.
• Capacity: Approx. 28 l, big enough to accommodate 1 helmet.
• Maximum payload: 5 kg.
• Recommended top speed with topcase installed: 180 km/h.
• Easily secured to the standard luggage carrier, no additional parts needed.
• Supplied without lock barrel.
• Optional:
- Liner for topcase.
- Backpad for topcase, providing high level of comfort for passenger.

Liner for small topcase

• Functional, dimensionally stable liner.
• Nylon outer material, with EVA foam backing, preshaped bottom.
• Fit and design tailor-matched to the topcase.
• Inside pockets for oddments.
• Carry handle and removable shoulder strap.
• BMW Motorrad logotype, stitched.
• Colour: Black.

Tank rucksack

• Waterproof tank bag.
• Hard-wearing, easy-care outer material (PVC-coated polyester fabric).
• Bottom is moulded EVA, shaped for a snug fit on the fuel tank and with an anti-slip PU surface layer.
• Main compartment:
- Capacity: Approx.10 l, extendible to 14 l.
- Liner made of nylon fabric with PU coating.
- Waterproof with roll-and-seal closure with bayonet buckle and taped seams.
- Access by water-repellent, all-round 2-way zipper.
- Lockable by zipper slider.

• Waterproof map compartment, zippered for easy access, with anti-clip PU coating on the inside.
• Zippered outer pocket.
• Carry handle and removable, adjustable shoulder strap.
• Snap buckles for each attachment.
• Reflective print on side.
• BMW Motorrad logotype stamped into outside pocket.
• Maximum payload: 5 kg.
• Colour: Black.
• Optional: Vario insert for tank rucksack provides a variable means of dividing the capacity of the main compartment.

Vario insert

• Flexible division of the space available inside the tank rucksack.
- Flexible outer ring, width adjustable by Velcro-type fastener.
- Flexible interior compartmentalisation consisting of 2 long and 6 short flexible wall inserts, each with a Velcro-type fastener at both ends. The wall inserts offer the opportunity to divide the interior flexibly into smaller compartments.
- Flexible cover. Depending on the height of the rucksack, even large, flat objects (such as maps) can be stowed above the Vario insert.

• Suitable for BMW Motorrad tank rucksacks with overall capacity of 12 litres or more.
• Material: flexible ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), with self-adhering polyester covering.
• Supplied complete with installation instructions.

LED rear light

• Attractive rear light with state-of-the-art LED technology.
• More safety on the road, provided by virtually zero-wear LED lights.
• "White" clear-glass look.
• Worldwide homologation.
• Installation and enabling only by authorised BMW Motorrad dealers, installation instructions on the RSD service data DVD (Repair and Service Data, BMW Motorrad).
• No technical inspection or approval required (CE / SAE mark of conformity)

Akrapovič sports silencer

• Familiar, proven sports silencer from the F 800 R.
• Slip-on silencer for throaty sound and sporty looks.
• Shell made of titanium, internals made of stainless steel.
• Low weight: Approx. 3.1 kg (approx. 1.7 kg lighter than the standard part).
• Power and torque at the levels of the standard configuration.
• Akrapovič logotype lasered into the side.
• Approved for road use (EU General Operating Permit)¹.
• Supplied complete with installation instructions.

¹ Always comply with the conditions for approval applicable in the country of use.

Windscreen, tinted

• Tinted windscreen for visual enhancement and customisation of the motorcycle.
• Shape identical to standard windscreen.
• Scratchproof coating for unimpaired long-term transparency.
• Installation only by authorised BMW Motorrad dealers, installation instructions on the RSD service data DVD (Repair and Service Data, BMW Motorrad).
• General Operating Permit¹.

¹Always comply with the conditions for approval applicable in the country of use.

Navigator IV

• Bluetooth-compatible GPS satnav system optimised for use on motorcycles.
• Either without or with (Europe¹) preinstalled maps.
• Outstanding functionality combined with simple operation, tailored to motorcycling requirements.
• 4.3“ touchscreen, housing waterproof and fuel-resistant.
• Integrated lithium-ion battery (battery life up to 5 hours).
• Including carry-bag.
• Vehicle-specific bracket.
- A new feature is attachment to the handlebar clamping blocks, permitting use in combination with the tank rucksack and also making the screen easier to see.

¹ Including nüMaps Lifetime.

Anti-theft alarm system with remote control

• Acoustic and visual signals as alarm in the event of change of position or vibration.
• Individual programming of activation (automatic when the ignition is turned off, or when the remote control is used).

On-board toolkit service kit

• On-board toolkit service kit for straightforward maintenance work and upkeep.
• Small, light and multifunctional:
- Quicker and easier to snap together and take apart, with snap adapter and ball lock.
- Standard bit adapter and standard tool adapter (9x12 mm and 3/8") mean that other com-ponents can be added to the kit in accordance with individual preference.

• Tool quality and finish (surface, harness, etc.) are of course outstanding.
• Including practical tools wallet in black artificial leather.

Other useful accessories

• LED light for on-board socket, 410 mm.
• BMW Motorrad Battery charger.
• Repair kit for tubeless tyres.
• Motorcycle cover.
• Motorcycle cleaner.
• Engine oil.