Ostra grey metallic matt
Exclusive Edition

F 800 GS

Vario cases

• Black plastic case and black plastic top case
• Capacity adjustable by moving a bar
• Case capacity: approx. 28-38 l (right), approx. 19-29 l (left)
• Top case capacity: approx. 25-35 l
• Maximum load: 8 kg (per case), 5 kg (top case)
• Recommended maximum speed with case or top case: 160 km/h
• Optional: Inner liner for case and top case, backrest pad for Vario top case

Aluminium storage system

• Durable aluminium case and top case
• Capacities: case: approx. 44 l (right), approx. 38 l (left), top case: approx. 32 l
• Maximum load: 8 kg (per case), 5 kg (top case)
• Recommended maximum speed with case or top case: 160 km/h
• Optional: Inner lining for case and top case, backrest pad for aluminium top case, carry handle for aluminium case and top case

Tank rucksack

• Waterproof, high-functioning tank bag
• Coated, washable upper material made from durable nylon
• Precisely adjusted floor panel made from EVA with soft PU coating
• Capacities: approx. 12 l, expandable to approx. 17 l
• DIN A4 card slot, waterproof, with floor panel for e.g. mobile phone
• 2 storage compartments on sides, with splash protection
• Carry handle
• Optional: Vario insert for tank bag

Other storage solutions

• Enduro rear bag, approx. 2.5 l, for storing small parts and tools
• Softbag small, 31-36 l
• Luggage roll
• Tension strap
• Bungee-cord spider

Extended mudguard, rear

• Effective protection of the rear of the motorcycle from contamination by splash water, especially on wet and muddy roads
• Black plastic (polyamide PA6, grained)

LED indicators

• Sleek, side-mounted turn indicators with modern LED technology
• White turn indicator glass with 2 LEDs per indicator
• Greater safety in traffic with almost zero wear on the LEDs
• Significantly reduced electricity consumption

Windscreen variants

• Small clear or tinted windscreen
• Large tinted windscreen
• Touring windscreen clear
• More comfort due to increased wind and weather protection for the rider.
• All variations with scratch-proof coating for long-lasting transparency and a high-quality look

Widened Enduro footrests

• Better hold and better vehicle control for off-road use and driving while standing
• Slip-proof peg due to material and shape of base surface
• Width of peg: 5.0 cm (+ 0.9 cm compared to series)
• Length of peg: 8.4 cm (+ 0.3 cm compared to series)
• Stainless steel precision casting made from high-alloy stainless steel
• Unrestricted control of shift and footbrake lever (height of footrests identical)
• Optional: Rubber insert for more comfort

Navigator IV

• Bluetooth-capable GPS navigation device optimised for motorcycle use
• Available with or without (European) pre-installed cards
• Outstanding range of functions for simple motorcycle driving
• 4.3“ touchscreen, waterproof casing and petrol-resistant
• Integrated lithium ion battery (service life of up to 5 hours)
• Includes Advanced Mount Cradle with 4 additional controls
• Includes carry case
• Model-specific cradle

Hand protectors

• Modular hand protector
• Closed loops made of high-strength aluminium
• Can be augmented with small or large hand protectors, and spoiler attachments for large hand protectors
• Protectors and spoiler attachments made from durable impact-resistant polyamide plastic in black

Engine protection bar

• Durable stainless steel engine protection bar
• Protects the engine against minor falls
• Weight: approx. 2.3 kg

Plastic bash plate

• Optimal protection of the engine against rock falls for light off-road use
• Shatterproof, UV-resistant plastic
• Weight: approx. 0.5 kg
• Series F 800 GS

Aluminium bash plate

• Durable aluminium protector (3 mm)
• Protects engine and exhaust manifold against stones and bumps in off-road riding
• Weight: approx. 1.6 kg

Headlight guard

• Protects headlights against flying stones in off-road use
• Snap lock system for quick and easy installation and removal.
• For off-road use only

LED auxiliary headlights

• Powerful auxiliary headlights in die-cast aluminium casing
• Greater safety in traffic with almost zero wear on the LEDs
• Differentiated illumination on the road (the light colour of the white LED is very similar to daylight)
• Significantly reduced electricity consumption
• Diameter approx. 70 mm, length approx. 110 mm
• Worldwide homologation, no addition to vehicle documentation necessary (CE/SAE certified)

Anti-theft alarm system with remote control

• Acoustic and optical warning signals triggered if the vehicle is moved or shaken
• Individual encoding of activation (automatically when turning off the ignition or by remote control)